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Hi, I'm Pamela Allen founder of Bright Bubs.  When my son Jordan was 4 months old his growing awareness of his environment inspired me to search for stimulating and enriching play activities that we could both enjoy and that would really help him develop. I have a Masters in Education so I knew I had to use all the senses to engage my baby to foster real learning and development.

I researched the latest findings in early childhood education studies and found they all seemed to agree that music and movement coupled with interaction with a parent were pretty much key to maximizing a childís development.

Jordan and I began to swoop, twirl, jiggle and giggle through lots of fun songs and dances. We both learned so much and I really wanted to share this all with other parents. Thatís what inspired me to create the Bright Bubs Music & Movement Program - fun tools for you to lead your babyís learning using song and dance.

I drew together a development team which included early childhood specialists, a physiotherapist working in paediatrics, composers, musicians and some very talented children singers. I'm so proud of the result - Bright Bubs is a fun program that's loved by parents and children.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

Pamela Allen (founder of Bright Bubs) with Jordan & Oriana

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