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What parents and Early Childhood Professionals are saying about Bright Bubs

My granddaughter has loved her Bright Bubs experiences above all her other childrenís DVDs and CDs. I know and sing all the songs too. Thank you for the joy youíve brought to us all. Janet Ojerholm, Cremorne NSW, Australia

My 'bub' is actually 4 and has profound autism. Bright Bubs is perfect for encouraging social interaction (something these children have a lot of trouble with) without too much pressure being placed on him. My son LOVES our Bright Bubs music sessions and I'm thrilled we have a semi-structured activity to do together that encourages him to initiate physical contact.  Heather Russell - Mango Hill QLD, Australia

My first baby had a brain injury after a traumatic birth resulted in her being severely physically hurt. I was told she will be a vegetable, I didn't believe it, her eyes were telling a lot more, and from that moment I decided to be in charge and care for my daughter myself. I followed intensive training to do her therapies at homeÖ I took charge of her education therapy and did lots of research on child brain development and alternative approaches for therapies and learning and the results were a beautiful 13 years old young girl who although still hurt physically is very content happy, bright, well developed socially and emotionally and way ahead cognitively.

One day she told me mum I don't want to be alone anymore and I like to have a brother or a sister. I was scared that another baby will take away some of the time I spend with her, and she was my world that I was worried another baby couldn't fit in. It was a hard decision to take but at the end, I was convinced we have so much love and knowledge we can give another baby, caring for a special need child makes all the other things a lot easier.

So we had in march last year our second blessing. She is now 10 months old and she is amazing Pamela. Here's what your dvds did to us:

When I first got Christina I was so worried and anxious whether I would be able to care for a well baby. I work all day long on Isa ( my older daughter ) therapies and home schooling. She is unable to feed herself has difficulties feeding and can only eat on my lap and it takes for ever - around 4 hours per day. I decided it might be hard but I wanted to care for baby myself and from day one we've been together the three of us and baby learned she has to share time and love with her big sister.

Now I don't say enough if I tell you I am so drained physically carrying around Isa all day long , waking so many times a night .... and I couldn't think during the day of ways to stimulate and play with baby if it wasn't for your DVDs.  It was a daily rendezvous that we would never miss and by five months, baby pulled herself up the TV stand and started waving with her arm, her sign to say let's dance. Now if she is out and I want her to come in, I just play the DVD and as soon as she hears the music she zooms in creeping, and goes to her box where I keep bells, scarves, and shakers.

I used your dvds as a base to teach and stimulate her. I believe your dvds provided a great learning experience for her that at 10 months she amazes us with her feeling for music , language understanding , alertness , ... the way she moves her body to the music. My baby at ten months is saying her first words from the dvds, can anticipate all the songs, pick the props herself for each song.

I believe in babies ability to learn everything, including signing and writing language, so I took many of the words, name of objects, actions used in the dvds, print them out on card stock laminate them and showed them to baby during the day. I also signed many of the words.  To everybody's surprise she started saying many clear words, and sign others, she is so in -tune to music, not only does she listen to it, but itís like she could feel it with her body .

You are so creative, and have greater knowledge dealing with well babies, I would have never done it this way with my baby if it wasn't for your dvds. I am recommending them to all my friends as an essential tool for their babies' first year. Maybe there is a way to speed up production of the next dvds, if parents show interest in buying them. Viviane - Gambia

Your dvds are absolutely a gift to my son and to me too! When we have played with all the toys, read lots of books and played together all day long it is nice to have another outlet/avenue to learn and grow together emotionally and cognitively! Your dvds have generated new bonds with mother and child as well as father and child. Again thank you for loving and thinking of new and exciting ways for babies and families to grow together in the emotional, playful and touching world of music!

You are doing an awesome service to families!  Rochelle and Jacob and Baby Charlie - Arlington, TX, USA

Just wanted to let you know that our daughter loves her Bright Bubs Touch and Tickle DVD. It is so fun to watch her interact with us through music. As soon as she hears the first song her eyes light up! It has become a special bonding time for us as a family. Thank you for such a wonderful parenting and educational tool. Jared and Jacey Rhoads, Santa Clarita, CA, USA

My son is aged 3.5 months so I have tried out the 3-9 month DVD with him. You have a great product, there are certain songs that he is responding to really well and as he grows older I am sure he will get more and more out of the little exercises. It is great to have a DVD to give you ideas on the types of stimulation required for that age as I was starting to find it harder keeping him entertained during his awake time. Meagan White, Wheeler Heights, NSW, Australia

I am a speech pathologist in the United States and I work with babies all the way up to preschool. I love the songs. They will be a great resource in my work! Alexandria, KY, USA

I can't stop talking about brightbubs to all my mommy friends. I started the touch & tickle dvd with my daughter at 2 months and now at 3 months she is starting to coo while I sing to her....she loves her time with brightbubs and I can't begin to tell you how much joy it brings to me to see her respond Debbie Mathew, Cedar Grove, NJ, USA

Itís a neat way to help parents learn some songs and games for interacting with their babies.

Fantastic service, received in uk very promptly. Thanks!+++++ JBW, Oxfordshire, UK

A superlative resource. Well done. JSF - TAFE teacher, Taturo VIC Australia

I bought two DVDs from you before Christmas, today Sophie and I sang along with Touch & Tickle for the first time. It gave me an overwhelming feeling of love for my daughter as I sang and she babbled along with me, the most Iíve heard her speak all day and she smiled all the way through. Congratulations on producing such a wonderful learning tool that is both educational and entertaining. I look forward to putting it on again tomorrow and will be recommending it to all of the other mothers in our babies group. Warm regards, Amanda Fullerton - Port Augusta SA Australia

Great DVD! A must-have for all parents with young babies! some great ideas for entertaining baby, Thanks! H G Calamvale QLD, Australia

WOW! This DVD is great, would highly recommend to other parents, this is a must! A F, Port Augusta SA, Australia

Love them - and can't get "touch and tickle" song out of my head :) S S. Forest Hill VIC, Australia

I heard about the DVD through a friend of mine who raved about it. She played it for me and it was just the thing I was looking for. My 4.5mth old loves it already. Sarah, Queenscliff NSW, Australia

This is lovely, so well thought out with great attention to safety & brain development. Couldnít resist getting another set, will go to my local homestart charity Christine Cubbon, Jo Jingles Franchisee, Stafford UK

It is great. Ava giggled through the songs. Another great thing about it is that it is really helpful in showing my husband how to play with her! Charmain, St Ives NSW, Australia

bubs and mums ( and dads) should love this dvd. Great service D W, Ruse, NSW

They are so professionally produced and full of good advice and sensitively presented. Music making with young children is my passion and can clearly see it is yours. Christine Cubbon, Jo Jingles Franchisee, Stafford UK

I am a mother of 5 and get so caught up in the everyday routine that lately I seem to forget what else to do with the kids 1:1. I really enjoyed the DVD, it was something I didn't have to go and read out of a book (which I hardly have time to do). There were also some great ideas to do with bubs, she did enjoy them. My older kids even sat to watch and sing along to the nursery rhymes. I really look forward to the next one as it has some of my 2 yr olds favourite nursery rhymes. Soulyma Furmie - Casula, NSW, Australia

I love the DVD and have had lots of fun using it with George. SB Ė Willoughby NSW, Australia

Just wanted to say thanks for the CD. Itís great. Our favourite song is Mother and Father and Uncle John. Giggles are guaranteed with that one. Carla, Lyneham ACT, Australia

This is a beautiful series... I especially like the short, melodic songs, and the way the video strengthens the relationship between parent and child. I am so glad to have found your web site, and I will recommend it to other early childhood professionals. Pat Albu, Ohio USA

I work in early childhood and have found that the Touch & Tickle DVD is a valuable resource for my work with young children. It not only fosters a love and appreciation of music but allows for a wonderful interaction between baby and parent / caregiver. I would highly recommend this DVD to all parents and early childhood educators, and I would love to collect further DVD'S in the series. Melissa - Prestons NSW, Australia

Your DVDís are great and so easy to navigate (for those of us way behind the eight ball with DVDís!!) There were some great holding positions that I hadnít thought of so this part was of great interest to me. Jo, Scarborough WA, Australia

Patrick (my 10 month old) thought Shake it baby, Shake it was great Ė as did I. I found it great exercise for me too! Thanks again All the best Michelle - Willoughby NSW, Australia

We love Bright Bubs in our household. My 7 month old laughs and jigs and giggles the moment the hello song begins! She already anticipates the songs and movements and Bright Bubs has become a special time for us. It is wonderful to know you can pop the DVD on and stimulate all those learning areas without the hard work of thinking about what activities to plan ahead of time. This DVD is a must have for the home library. Thanks.Ē Hayley and Taylor Anderson - Sheidow Park, South Australia

My little Jacqueline loves the songs and the dances. We've been doing it almost everyday!!! Will definitely recommend to the other mums in our mother's group.Ē GW Ė Allambie NSW, Australia

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