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Stimulate and delight your baby!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Bright Bubs music & movement program.

There are eight playful sessions designed to help your child’s cognitive, language, memory, social, emotional and physical development.

  • The 1st session Touch & Tickle provides nourishing brain food, for your 3+ month old baby, as you both share a tender music and motion experience.  Now available!
  • The 2nd session Shake it baby, shake it! is a lively session which includes scarf, ball and percussion play to stimulate your baby’s senses. Available August 2005.

Bright endorsement

Bright Bubs is delighted to receive endorsement from Dr Anne Power a leader in the field of early childhood studies.

“…I’m so impressed… Bright Bubs is a multi layered stimulus that attracts and engages the child.

It offers musical experiences that are lovingly shared and stimulating.

There’s a level of explanation to parents which does set it apart from other programs. It’s the explanation of why we do things with children that is very important. As well as that there’s an interaction with parents and children on the film which engages the parents and children who might be watching at home.”

Dr Anne Power
School of Education & Early Childhood
Studies University of Western Sydney

"I’m so impressed… Bright Bubs is a multi layered stimulus that attracts and engages the child." - Dr Anne Power

Tips for 2+ year olds

Here's a tip from a mum in my son's Montessori class…

“when you’re ready…”

It can be quite challenging trying to diffuse situations where your child responds with “No” to simple requests.  One option is to respond with “...let me know when you’re ready”.

You may be surprised that most times after waiting only a few seconds they're ready!  Giving them a sense of autonomy also helps build their self esteem.

Please email me if you have some tips for dealing with 2 year olds you’d like to share.

In harmony!

Pamela Allen
June 2005


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