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I hope you and your family are enjoying the arrival of spring!

I’m delighted to share my first press article that appeared in a local Sydney paper!

Know any expectant mums?

Mums with a baby under 12 months are always looking for stimulating activities to share.  Bright Bubs DVDs make enriching gifts that are fun for baby and mum.  There’s also a bonus CD offer at the moment!

Mums' word on Bright Bubs

“We love Bright Bubs in our household. My 7 month old laughs and jigs and giggles the moment the hello song begins! She already anticipates the songs and movements and Bright Bubs has become a special time for us. It is wonderful to know you can pop the DVD on and stimulate all those learning areas without the hard work of thinking about what activities to plan ahead of time. This DVD is a must have for the home library. Thanks.” Hayley and Taylor Anderson - Sheidow Park, South Australia

“My little Jacqueline loves the songs and the dances. We've been doing it almost everyday!!! Will definitely recommend to the other mums in our mother's group.” GW - Allambie NSW

Have your say...

Like to share you comments on Bright Bubs, this website or any other early childhood development matters?  Please do make contact, I'd love to hear from you!!

"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything." - Plato

Toddler tips

We all offer our children options in everyday decisions (eg choice for breakfast, the plate to use, clothes to wear etc) to help them gain a sense of autonomy.

Choices can also be used as an alternative to saying “Please don’t…”.  For example, “Jordan you can stay in this room and use your quiet voice or go outside and yell, you choose”.  I've found this helpful and Jordan does seem comfortable when he makes the choice.  It's not always easy thinking up positive choices on the spot, but with practice I've found it gets easier.

Please email me if you have some tips for dealing with toddlers you’d like to share.

In harmony!

Pamela Allen
September 2005


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