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Singing songs to infants may influence how quickly the child later learns maths and languages.

In 1998 second grade students who received piano keyboard lessons along with a maths computer games did a striking 27% better on questions devoted to fractions and proportional math than those students who received training in English language and the math computer game.

Arts activities foster positive attitudes toward school and result in lowered rates of absenteeism.

Teachers of a research group who studied the piano keyboard reported the students demonstrated better attention and concentration abilities

Because learning to play a musical instrument involves daily practice, studies show that coordination, concentration and memory are heightened which leads to greater visual and hearing acuity.

Baroque music can cause the rhythms of the body the heartbeat, the brain waves to synchronise themselves to the beat of the music. When the heartbeat slowed down, the mind was able to work more effectively and efficiently.

Pythagoreans considered music one of the four branches of mathematics.

Patterns is a fundamental characteristic of both music and mathematics. Learning to reorganize and create patterns in music can help children to understand the existence of pattern in mathematics.

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