BrightBubs - for growing hearts and minds

Bright Bubs Music & Movement Program

Unlike other early childhood DVDs, Bright Bubs has a unique hands-on approach to help moms and dads play with their babies in fun ways that deepen the parent-child bond and enhance their babiesí development through song and dance.

The award winning Bright Bubs was created by Aussie mom Pamela Allen inspired by her 4 month old sonís growing awareness of his environment. With a Master's Degree in Education Pamela knew she had to use all the senses to engage Jordan to foster real learning and development.

The DVDs are easy for parents to follow and explain how each activity fosters your babyís brain, language, social or emotional development. Many songs are traditional so most parents grew up with them. Babies also love them and happy babies are receptive learners. Touch & Tickle Touch & Tickle Bright Bus Program Chart

There are eight delightful sessions with appropriate songs and movements for each of your babyís developmental stages. When your...


The Bright Bubs program is endorsed by Dr Anne Power, School of Education & Early Childhood Studies, University of Western Sydney.

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