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Touch & Tickle DVD

Touch & Tickle DVD
Screen format 16:9
NTSC format - Region 1

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Set contains:

  1. Touch & Tickle DVD for 3+ month olds and
  2. Shake it baby, shake it! DVD for 6+ month olds
  3. Bonus music CD providing repetition which is essential for building baby's neural network!

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Touch & Tickle DVD

The award winning Touch & Tickle session invites you to stimulate your baby with tender massage, tapping and tickling rhymes.  Enrich your baby’s physical and emotional development as you sway, bounce, and dance together.  Playful tummy time, mirror play and circle songs also feature in this delightful session.

Endorsed by Dr Anne Power, School of Education and Early Childhood Studies, University of Western Sydney.

Touch & Tickle has been honored with a prestigious
iParenting Media Award for "Excellent Products for 2006".

Age Guide

If your baby can support their head then you're ready for this session.  The suggested age range is 3 - 9 months old.  As all babies grow at different rates you are the best judge of when you and your baby are ready to move to the next session -> Shake it baby, shake it!

The Songs (and movements)

  1. Hello
  2. Lavender’s blue dilly dilly (Massage)
  3. Miss Polly had a dolly (Cross lateral)
  4. Trot trot trot (Bounce)
  5. Hickory dickory dock (Tummy time/sway)
  6. Can you hear that sound? (Vocal play/listening)
  7. Shoe a little horse (Foot Tapping)
  8. The mulberry bush (Circle dance)
  9. Pop goes the weasel (Social dance)
  10. Teddy bear, teddy bear (Tummy/eye tracking)
  11. Humpty Dumpty (Balance)
  12. Round and round the garden (Tickle rhyme)
  13. Touch & tickle (Mirror play)
  14. Maranoa lullaby (Tummy rocking)
  15. Goodbye (Farewell)

DVD bonus features

Parents are saying...

“My son is aged 3.5 months so I have tried out the 3-9 month DVD with him. You have a great product, there are certain songs that he is responding to really well and as he grows older I am sure he will get more and more out of the little exercises. It is great to have a DVD to give you ideas on the types of stimulation required for that age as I was starting to find it harder keeping him entertained during his awake time.” Meagan White - Wheeler Heights NSW, Australia

"Your dvds are absolutely a gift to my son and to me too! When we have played with all the toys, read lots of books and played together all day long it is nice to have another outlet/avenue to learn and grow together emotionally and cognitively! Your dvds have generated new bonds with mother and child as well as father and child. Again thank you for loving and thinking of new and exciting ways for babies and families to grow together in the emotional, playful and touching world of music!"
Rochelle and Jacob and Baby Charlie - Arlington, TX, USA

"I started the touch & tickle dvd with my daughter at 2 months and now at 3 months she is starting to coo while I sing to her....she loves her time with brightbubs and I can't begin to tell you how much joy it brings to me to see her respond with smiles and baby babble." Debbie Mathew - Cedar Grove, NJ, USA

"It is great. Ava giggled through the songs. Another great thing about it is that it is really helpful in showing my husband how to play with her!" Charmain, St Ives NSW, Australia

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